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A potential 14-inch MacBook Pro in 2021 from Apple?

A potential 14-inch MacBook Pro in 2021 from Apple?

Amine Sahal
MacBook Pro 14 inch

There are many rumors that one of the next MacBook Pro will be a 14″ and not a 13″. It should have arrived this year, but COVID forces, this biggest nomad would arrive only in 2021.

13, 15, 16… and why not 14? Apple’s next MacBook Pro, which some were predicting for the end of 2020, would be a model with a 14-inch screen. However, the latest rumors are more like an announcement in 2021. Perhaps Apple’s agenda has been shaken by the crisis of the last few weeks.

Macbook pro 14 inch

MacBook Pro prediction

A MacBook Pro 14 would be on its way to give a little more pixels to those who need them. At least, that’s what the AppleInsider website relays as information, relying on a tweet posted by the @L0vetodream account, which so far has only made good predictions about certain upcoming Apple devices. 

A tweet that resonated with Jon Prosser, another generally very knowledgeable person, who was quick to agree with the original message with a quick but effective “100%” [Editor’s note: 100% agree]. 

It was on the @L0vetodream account that the arrival of the LiDAR module on the new iPad Pro was announced, long before other rumors also mentioned it. This is also where the development of headphones codenamed AirPods X has been mentioned several times in recent weeks. And these are just two examples drawn from a plethora of credible claims about the next iPhone, the MacBook or the upcoming arrival of a HomePod Lite.

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