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AirPods 2 updated with new 2D15 firmware

AirPods 2 updated with new 2D15 firmware

Apple AirPods

Apple upgraded the firmware for its second generation of AirPods with the new 2D15 firmware. The update fixes the issue that users reported when replacing one of the earbuds.

AirPods 2 2D15 firmware

AirPods 2 2D15 firmware

The previous firmware version was 2A364. Apple has not provided a list of changes to the headset software. But it is assumed that it fixes the bug that prevented the headset from being paired when one of the AirPods was replaced. The replaced AirPod was supplied with unreleased 2D3 firmware. Therefore, it was not compatible with the other one, which had the old firmware.

There is no official way to update the firmware of the earbuds manually, but this one works in most cases: Place your AirPods in their case, and connect them to a power source. Pair them with your device (iPhone or iPad) they should update after a short period of time.

How to check and update the headset firmware?

  1. Make sure your Airpods are connected to your device.
  2. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or ‌iPad‌.
  3. Tap “General.”
  4. Tap “About.”
  5. Scroll down to ‌“AirPods,” and tap that.
  6. The current firmware version number is listed under “Firmware Version.” If the AirPods have been updated, they’ll show the new 2D15 firmware.

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