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AirPower 3 in 1 alternative is now available in the Apple store.

AirPower 3 in 1 alternative is now available in the Apple store.

Amine Sahal
Mophie 3 in 1 wireless charging pad - Airpower - Revick

You may remember the AirPower – the wireless charging cradle announced by Apple alongside the iPhone X that would allow you to charge three devices at the same time. Apple then decided to cancel its production due to thermal concerns; except that the company now sells a wireless charging base from Mophie, an equivalent of AirPower.

Two models are available for sale. The first can recharge wirelessly – with a power of 7.5 W – two devices simultaneously: two iPhones, one iPhone and one Apple Watch, one iPhone and AirPods, two Apple Watches, etc. It works with all iPhones and AirPods supporting wireless charging. A third device can be charged, but it must be connected to a USB cable that will be connected to the charging station. It is sold for $79.95.

The second model can recharge three devices at a time wirelessly – always with a power of 7.5 W – and it is the one that is a little closer to the AirPower. To ensure a perfect charging experience for all three devices, the base has a dedicated cavity for AirPods and an integrated charging holder for the Apple Watch. Its price is $139.95.

Both products are available on the Apple Store online and will arrive in the physical Apple Stores soon.

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