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Android 11 update schedule: preview, beta, and the final version

Android 11 update schedule: preview, beta, and the final version

Amine Sahal
Android 11 schedule

Google released the first Developer Preview of Android 11 on Wednesday, February 19th. It is already available for download and will be followed by five more iterations before the final version is released. Here is an update on the deployment schedule for the coming months.

We didn’t expect it at this time of the year, but Google took everyone by surprise by releasing a technical pre-release of Android 11 for developers. Developers can already start testing and adapting their applications to the next version of the OS. Here Google is going back to its old approach of going through a Developer Preview before the first beta.

With Android 10, the company had moved directly to the beta phase with a first version released on March 13th. The first beta of Android 11 is expected in May 2020, probably at the Google i/o conference. The firm aims at a stable version by June 2020.

Android 11 update schedule up to the final version

Six versions of Android 11 will be released in the coming months. The Developer Preview program starts this February before the betas, which will be followed by the final version scheduled for the third quarter of 2020. At key stages of development, Google will offer updates, including SDK tools, system images, emulators, and various APIs for testers. Here is the complete schedule.

Android 11 update schedule
  • Developer Preview 1 (February): Initial release focused on developer feedback, new features, APIs, and structural changes at the OS level.
  • Developer Preview 2 (March): Incremental update with additional features and changes.
  • Developer Preview 3 (April): Incremental update for stability and performance.
  • Beta 1 (May): Initial beta release with a public update for testers.
  • Beta 2 (June): Platform stability milestone with final APIs. Opening of publications on the Play Store.
  • Beta 3 (Q3): improvement of the stable version.

Final release (Q3): Android 11 released for OEMs and AOSP version released.
As you can see, the early release of the first technical version does not upset the usual schedule. The stable version will be released as usual in the third quarter of 2020, maybe a few weeks ahead of schedule. As a reminder, the stable version of Android 10 was launched on Google Pixel on September 3rd, 2019.

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