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Netflix: series and movies to watch now

Netflix: series and movies to watch now

Amine Sahal
Tne best Netflix series and movies

Netflix offers new series and movies every week. To help you choose what to watch during the lockdown, we’ve put together a small selection of the best new releases from the catalog. Let’s get started!

The Netflix catalog is updated every week with several new products. To make room for its new content. In any case, you’ll find below a handful of the best Netflix series and movies that will keep you glued to your TV all the weekend. To discover them, we suggest you check out our top 10 of the best Netflix movies and our top 10 of the best Netflix offering.

The best Netflix series to watch now

After Life season 2

Ricky Gervais is back this Friday, April 24th! In this second season, Tony is still trying to regain a taste for life after the death of his wife. We find all the ingredients that made the success of season 1: a caustic humor, lines as deep as punchy and intelligent writing.

La Casa de Los Flores season 3

La casa de las Flores is back for a third season. For those who don’t know, this black comedy tells the story of a rich matriarch’s efforts to keep her family’s reputation intact. A mission that becomes almost impossible when her husband’s mistress has fun revealing their dark secrets. As a reminder, this is the last season of the series.

Outer Banks

A gang of teenage partygoers stumbles upon a mysterious treasure buried underwater. Ignoring the danger, they set out to recover the treasure, a $400 million hoard. This rather classic adventure film is distinguished by its atypical setting. The film takes place in South Carolina, in the sandbanks. The region is mainly marked by social inequalities. “Here, we either have two houses or two jobs,” explains one of the characters in the trailer, which is rather attractive.

La Casa de Papel season 4

Casa de Papel robbers are back for a fourth season on Netflix! In this new game, the Professor’s plan finally comes to an end. Despite their enemies inside and outside the bank, will Tokyo, Rio and the Professor succeed? How does the Bank of Spain robbery end? What happened to Nairobi? These 8 new episodes promise to answer all the questions fans have, despite the Netflix crash at launch.

Ozark season 3

Ozark is finally back for season 3! In this long-awaited new season, Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) is enjoying peaceful days thanks to a new casino, ideal for laundering money from the cartels. Unfortunately, his wife Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) suddenly decides to go into business with him…at the risk of attracting the attention of the FBI.

The best Netflix series to watch now

El silencio del pantano

While researching for his next novel, a successful writer finds himself involved in a dark case of corruption. In his investigation, the author will come up against some big mafia bosses… Embodied by Pedro Alonso, Berlin in La Casa De Papel, the main character hides heavy secrets. This Spanish thriller will appeal to fans of the genre.

Tyler Rake

Chris Hemsworth is Tyler Rake! This sinking Australian mercenary agrees to help a powerful Indian gangster. He’s tasked with finding the missing son of the gangster in Bangladesh. On his way, the experienced fighter will face an army of killers… In the line of films like John Wick or Jason Bourne, Tyler Rake will seduce adrenaline-starved subscribers.

Earth and Blood

A gang of dangerous gangsters hides a cocaine delivery in a sawmill lost in the middle of a forest. Later, Said, the modest owner of the sawmill, comes face to face with the gangsters who have come to get the drugs. Determined and ferocious, he will oppose the gang leader at all costs. This nervous and violent thriller will delight the amateurs of shootings.

Rising High

Inspired by a true story, the film follows the rise of three long-toothed real estate agents in Berlin: Viktor Steiner, Gery Falkland and Nicole Kleber. The trio will quickly become richer as they set up a vast scam. As in The Wolf of Wall Street, they will quickly lose it and get bogged down in a world of excesses and drugs.


This biopic looks at the extraordinary career of Sérgio Vieira de Mello, a UN diplomat known to negotiate with terrorists and intractable revolutionaries. Eager to retire to his family and lead a quiet life, he will accept a final mission in Baghdad. Sadly, the man will lose his life in this final mission.

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