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Download missing apps on Huawei phones with MoreApps

Download missing apps on Huawei phones with MoreApps

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As some of you may have heard, the ban on Huawei has been extended. There is no expectation that the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer will get back to Google any time soon. However, a new alternative that has appeared in Huawei AppGallery – MoreApps allows you to download most of the popular missing apps.

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Due to restrictions on the part of the US government, Huawei AppGallery, for now, is the official alternative to the Play Store in all new Huawei phones. Unfortunately, you will not find there any Google services, such as Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or even other popular apps such as Netflix, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

What is MoreApps?

Now you have another option. A new app called MoreApps has been released to Huawei App Gallery, which allows you to download most of the missing apps in Huawei’s gallery. The app is not a new store, but it helps to find the apps you are interested in and then moves you to a place where we can download it. It is merely an intermediary in the whole process. In most cases, the installation file (.APK) will be pulled from APKPure service.

Also, in some cases, we are not getting the actual application. MoreApps often suggests using the browser version of some services. This is, for example, the case with YouTube, Netflix, or even Google Maps. It is for such a safer method than installing applications from unknown sources. For some applications, MoreApps will suggest installing Huawei alternatives, such as Huawei mail instead of Gmail, and HERE WeGO instead of Google Maps.

Even though this is, of course, not an official store, it makes the installation of missing apps much more accessible and can help out a lot of users who have new Huawei phones.

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