EMUI 11: what we know so far


Even though most of Huawei phones didn’t receive the beta of EMUI 10.1, it seems that the company is already preparing for the next bit release – EMUI 11. The first indications were already shown in the Chinese version of the Huawei Member application. Let’s go over what we know so far and what are the features EMUI 11 will bring.

EMUI 11 mention in Huawei Member app

The new update should bring Android 11 and a series of improvements on compatible devices. The first mention of EMUI 11 comes from the Chinese version of the Huawei Member app. The app provides a range of benefits for Huawei customers, including a points system that allows you to download apps for free in AppGallery. The update mentions “Optimizations for adapting EMUI 11.0.” This small clue might suggest an opening of the BETA of EMUI 11 ahead of the schedule that EMUI 10 had followed.

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EMUI 11 interface will come with a large number of new functions. One of the core features is that it will deeply integrate Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). It does not seem that the Google ban will be lifted any time soon; therefore, Huawei pushes further with its own services. Just recently, the company released its alternative for Google Maps – HERE WeGo.

There will also be purely technical novelties related to Android 11. One of them will be an option of double-tapping the back panel, which will call a certain action assigned to this movement – for example, running Google Assistant, muting the phone, or deleting notifications. Most importantly, phones will not need additional sensors to use this solution. All you need is an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which can be found in any modern smartphone. Android 11 will also focus on privacy protection, notification optimization, and battery life improvement.

The expectation is that EMUI 11 will arrive with the Huawei Mate 40 series. However, models from the Huawei P40 series and Mate 30 series will be one of the earliest devices to get the beta update. Huawei has a conference scheduled in Shanghai for September. This also coincides with Google’s timeline for Android 11 release.

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