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What is the Fitbit Charge 4 firmware update 1.82.46?

What is the Fitbit Charge 4 firmware update 1.82.46?

Amine Sahal
Fitbit charge 4 firmware update 1.96.29

Many Fitbit users are wondering what is the new update 1.82.46 they are getting recently. The update is a Firmware update (not OS). The update is the following:

  • Charge 4 (Firmware version: 1.82.46) 

This new Firmware version includes some changes described below and more in detail on the Fitbit Help website.

Below are the changes from the latest versions:


  • Use the Spotify-Connect & Control app on Charge 4 to control music, change playlists, and like songs right from your wrist.
  • Turn on sleep mode on Charge 4 to silence notifications, dim the screen, and turn off the screen wake setting while you sleep. Schedule sleep mode to automatically turn on during certain hours in the Settings app.
  • Use the outdoor exercise mode in the Exercise app to track outdoor activities like kayaking, skiing, and more.
  • Charge 4 vibrates to let you know when you hit target heart-rate zones during an exercise in the Exercise app.


This release includes bug fixes and improvements. (Fitbit didn’t provide any extra details)

The manufacture published the changes on the fitbit website

Here you can learn how to check what’s new in my Fitbit update in the Help website:

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