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Fitbit reported issues on / / updates

Fitbit reported issues on / / updates

Amine Sahal
Fitbit bug 70.8.0

A lot of users were happy to see the latest Fitbit update, which was released just a few days ago. The update version number is 70.7.27 and was pushed to Ionic, Versa, and Versa Lite devices. The new firmware included some stability fixes and improvements. 

It seems that joy didn’t last very long. Now a lot of users are reporting problems, complaining about several issues they encountered. These issues are not confirmed by Fitbit.

We gathered for you the repetitive claims from the user who received that update (List below), and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you were affected to further clarify the situation

Fitbit Ionic

  • The Exercises shows only icons no words
  • The icons are spaced very close together, which makes it easy to start the wrong one.
  • After completing the exercise, no stats appear. 
  • Once turned off, it won’t come back on till you connect it to the charger
  • The tracker records fewer miles than before.

Fitbit Versa and Versa Lite /

  • Battery draining so fast – 8 hours only
  • Once turned off, it won’t come back on till you connect it to the charger
  • Steps count doesn’t update in the morning
  • The tracker goes off on its own
  • When changing the clock face, the screen freezes, and the app stops working.
  • Unable to change Clock Faces

However, many users confirmed that everything went ok with the update, mostly with the users coming from December’s update. We believe that it may be related to the version you are upgrading from.  

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  • Addiotional ssues being reported on the Fitbit Community Forum for this firmware update also includes bricking devices for the Ionic and Versa. The battery draining issue was introduced in the December update and users complained about it to Fitbit. Nothing was done to correct this.

    The firmware update is replicating the same issues as the December 2019 update.

    For users that have devices that are bricked or become useless due to this firmware update, if you’re lucky to be within the warranty period Fitbit will replace it…could be either new or refurbished. If you’re not in the warranty period the most Fitbit will do is offer you a 25% discount off a new device.

    Users are pissed and frustrated since their devices were in good working order prior to downloading this firmware.

    Fitbit didn’t admit fault with the December firmware update having bugs and probably wont for this debacle of an update.

  • Mine now won’t connect to a device! Pissed me off. Everything was fine before this update! It has done everything described above then it stop syncing I have tried everything short of factory reset, this would kill ally workouts that haven’t synced… There should be a way to sync via USB!!!

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