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Many Fitbit users are wondering what are the new updates / / they are getting recently. The update is a Firmware update (not OS). The update is the following:

  • Versa 2 (Firmware version: 
  • Versa (Firmware version: 
  • Versa lite edition (Firmware version: 

This new Firmware version includes some changes described below and more in detail on the Fitbit Help website.

Below are the changes from the latest versions:


  • We optimized the algorithm used to track your heart rate on Versa 2 to complement our latest hardware.
  • This release includes bug fixes and improvements.


  • (Versa Lite Edition only) This release fixes an issue where some customers may have been unable to update Versa Lite Edition after completing a factory reset. If you factory reset your device and your watch is on version
  • This release includes bug fixes and improvements.

The manufacture published the changes on the fitbit website

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Here you can learn how to check what’s new in my Fitbit update in the Fitbit Help website:

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  • Users are still experiencing the same issues with this firmware update as with the previous versions.

    Fitbit is releasing these firmware updates without thorough testing and expects the users to be the beta testers.

    Both Versa users (original Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2) and Ionic users are posting their issues after doing this firmware update on the Community Forum. They are pissed off since their device was working perfectly before the firmware update and now it’s not.

    The moderators are deleting negative comments from the forum that would assist other users in determining if they want to take a chance doing this update. If you’re over the 1 year mark of owning the device it’s a gamble since Fitbit advised that they can’t guarantee if this firmware update will work or not on your device. If your device gets bricked or performs in a subpar manner after doing the firmware update you may be able to get a replacement if you’re within the warranty period. If you’re not the most you’ll get is 25% of a new device.

    • True, they are always putting some bug fixes in the updates. But every new update just brings more bugs.
      This is probably why users are always looking up the latest update, to check if people who already updated have some new issues or if it safe to do the update. I will probably hold off with mine Versa for a bit.

  • The negative reviews I read yesterday are gone today. Fitbit is refusing to replace Versa 2 devices their buggy erroneous update bricked. I got my Fitbit for Christmas and will not be doing the update as they haven’t fixed the issue and it will happen again in the next update and I will be sol with them offering me 25% off on my next purchase. Seriously, Fitbit knowingly bricks devices and refuses replacement if past 1 yr old… Google was buying Fitbit I will be looking at other tech that won’t include either

  • I find it absolutely hilarious, that you can come up with an update for tracking Coronavirus and flu symptoms. Yet you are unable to add a wheelchair update. It’s truly beyond a joke. Yes you sent me a link to another app. Once again thank you for charging premium for being disabled. As an added. I fall into one of the very vulnerable groups. Might be a great idea to incorporate a wheelchair 🦽 version absolutely free. Disabled people shouldn’t be discriminated against and have to pay for the privilege of registering our movement

  • I haven’t been following what’s been happening with the updates but I bought my versa in June 2019. After a few months I stopped getting message notifications on my watch. Now I’m wondering if this was due to an update?

    • Melanie. I’ve had the same problem as well and Fitbit is trying to tell me it’s my phones fault. Said my phone did a software update but I looked and it hadn’t done one on months.

  • Ever since the firmware update to 70.8.0, my versa 2 isn’t holding its charge. A full charge used to last a good 6 days, but this week it went down to 17% in 4 days. Wish they wouldn’t fix things that weren’t broke!

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