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Huawei can again take advantage of ARM’s architecture

Huawei can again take advantage of ARM’s architecture

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ARM restores Huawei licenses – this is the news that was reported last Friday. And it basically speaks for itself. In practice, it means that the Shenzhen-based company can once again develop systems in the ARM software model.

The suspension of ARM licenses is one of the most bizarre aspects of Donald Trump’s trade blockade. As you will remember, in May 2019, under the pretext of cyber-security, the U.S. Government banned local businesses from trading in Huawei under the pretext of cyber-security. The problem is that ARM is a company registered not in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, which, in addition, belongs to the Japanese consortium SoftBank.

Huawei's ARM-based Kirin processor

Justified curiosity

The reasoning behind the decision turned out to be truly bearish. The owners of the ARM, as announced in the statement, were not convinced of their legal status. With offices in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, and Massachusetts, the company was unsure whether its license would approach the definition of U.S. technology.

Preventively, the company stopped working with Huawei until it was certain that America would not make any claims if it returned to the partnership.

But apart from the somewhat comical wording of the decision, the British had something to fear. American Apple holds a lifetime and irrevocable license with unlimited rights to create its own extensions for its contribution to the development of the ARM software model. If America wanted to harm ARM, it would probably find a way to make Apple a major licensor. 

ARM goes back to Huawei

Whatever the motivation, we already know that the ARM license will return to Huawei. “ARM can provide Huawei with support for ARM v8-A and the next generation of ARM v8-A architecture, following a comprehensive review of both architectures that have been identified as coming from the U.K.,” said ARM spokeswoman, quoted by Reuters.

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As follows, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer can, in good conscience, build a successor to Kirin 990, and the only remaining problem is software, with Google Services at the forefront.


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