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Huawei with better navigation than Google? The company bought maps from TomTom

Huawei with better navigation than Google? The company bought maps from TomTom

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Huawei, despite the recent warming of relations between the U.S. and China, does not intend to return to Android and Google services addiction. This is clearly shown by the agreement revealed recently with Dutch navigation system provider TomTom.

TomTom has recently changed its structure slightly and has completely abandoned the production and sale of navigation devices. Instead, it has focused on its intellectual property, namely maps and navigation systems. The company offers its solutions to all interested and is in no way constrained like the U.S. companies, which had to break off from their Chinese customers. According to Reuters, TomTom revealed a contract signed a few weeks ago with Huawei but did not give any precise details.

Huawei Maps and Navigation

All we know is that under this agreement, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will be able to use TomTom solutions in its applications. This means that Huawei will soon be offering us its own navigation system, like Google Maps, and knowing their approach will be able to develop a comparable if not better solution. The agreement does not only apply to maps, but also to the navigation engine and traffic data on individual arteries. Huawei has just to pack it in a nice and functional interface.

All the indications are that the Harmony OS is in rapid development, and in the coming months, the Chinese manufacturer will offer us a number of applications that should successfully replace the services provided by Google. Later, all that remains is to encourage developers to create applications and publish them in the App Gallery and having a huge user base of their phones – they are certainly not without a chance.

Source: gsmarena

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