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iPhone 11 and the wireless reverse charging

iPhone 11 and the wireless reverse charging

Amine Sahal
Iphone 11 reverse charging

All three iPhone 11 would all have a component to enable wireless reverse charging – although Apple finally chose to disable this feature and ignore it. However, Apple may activate it later via a software update, if they confirm its presence in the first disassemblies.

The new iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max are finally here with their particular new features, mainly with photography. However, during the last presentation event, Apple didn’t mention the wireless reverse charging. Reverse charging is a feature that allows you to charge other devices such as AirPods 2 wirelessly.

iPhone 11 would be able to activate reverse wireless charging.

Nevertheless, several reports from the production lines predicted, before the presentation, the arrival of this reverse wireless recharge. One of the latest to talk about it right after the iPhone 11 presentation is leaker Sonny Dickson, based on sources he considers reliable. So who to believe, and especially why does Apple deprive itself of a commercial argument to sell its iPhone 11?

The answer may have been given a few months earlier by Ming-Chi Kuo. After announcing the introduction of reverse recharging. He finally changed his mind and explained that Apple made this decision based on the fact that “the efficiency of the recharging did not correspond to its specifications.” Ming-Chi Kuo adds that the company preferred to pass the turn on this generation, to reserve the reverse charging for the 2020 iPhones.

In theory, if they confirm the presence of this component, Apple could also activate this feature on generation 11. Apple sometimes enables new features on older iPhones during launches. For example, this year iPhone XS will be able to play music in Bluetooth on two headphones simultaneously with the iOS 13 arrival.

anyway, we are eager to see the conclusions of the first disassemblies to confirm the presence of the necessary equipment.

Source: NDTV / 360 Gadgets

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