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Apple would consider an iPhone Pro and a foldable iPad in 2020

Apple would consider an iPhone Pro and a foldable iPad in 2020

Amine Sahal
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The next iPhone could be offered in a “Pro” version. New rumors are also spreading about the preparation of a foldable iPad and iPhone.

Until the release of a new model, rumors about Apple’s new products are trying to draw the profile of the brand’s future new opus. For the start of the school year, the one already called iPhone 11 or XI could be extended to “Pro.” At least that’s what the CoinX Twitter account claims. It is still difficult to know if this statement is true. But it should be noted that this account has made a clear trade name on the latest versions of the mobile (iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR).

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Moreover, this name would not be extraordinary since the brand already has this extension for most of its devices for a long time with its MacBook Pro and also its iPad Pro. Since this year, some manufacturers have added the “Pro” rating to their top-of-the-range mobiles, such as OnePlus with its version 7 Pro or Huawei.

A foldable iPad for 2020?

For this new iPhone, Apple would have decided to add a third photo module with a wide-angle to better compete with the Chinese brands and Samsung. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor would be placed directly under the screen. But be careful, this one would allow you to put your finger anywhere on the screen to recognize the fingerprint.

Also, other rumors from analysts point to the arrival of a folding iPad and perhaps even an iPhone as early as 2020 or 2021. If its competitors have rushed to be the first on the market, Apple indeed wisely prefers to wait until the casts are wiped off before launching its own models. In the meantime, according to a survey conducted by UBS and reported by CNBC, 35% of those interested would be willing to pay an additional $600 to purchase such a folding mobile.

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