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Windows 10: the last update causes a blue screen of death (BSOD)

Windows 10: the last update causes a blue screen of death (BSOD)

Amine Sahal
Windows 10: the last update causes a blue screen of death

The recently released Windows 10 update KB4532695 is experiencing some problems which lead to a blue screen. Many users also report issues with audio drivers, and slow startup.

Released on January 28, 2020 days, the Windows 10 update KB4532695 offers some corrections to Microsoft’s operating system. It provides increased stability and security and fixes a bug that had been affecting Explorer for the past two months. Nevertheless, several users are reporting serious problems with this update, particularly in terms of system startup or audio management. Others claim a bug that caused the famous “blue screen of death.”

Microsoft has not yet recognized the problem with the Windows 10 update and blue screen

Windows 10, which has just reached one billion installed workstations worldwide, is the victim of a big bug. Earlier in the week, Microsoft deployed update KB4532695 for versions 1903 and 1909 of the operating system. While some users didn’t encounter any problems installing it, for others, things quickly turned sour.

Some people report that their PC is silent. A problem of updating audio drivers, most certainly, and it’s quite classic. On the other hand, others explain that their machine starts much slower than before. One user reports that the extended display mode no longer works properly, as Windows can not detect the second screen. Finally, and even more embarrassing, it seems that the famous Blue Screen Of Death appears from time to time on some configurations. In this case, there is no other solution than to force its reboot.

In short, as shown by the dissatisfaction messages visible on the Microsoft site, the last Windows 10 update would encounter some serious problems and blue screen. At the moment, Microsoft has not yet reacted to this concern, but as usual, its developers should quickly work on a patch. Let’s wish the affected users that the patch will be deployed quickly because working on your PC with the constant threat of a BSoD becomes annoying.

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