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Office Mobile will combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single app

Office Mobile will combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single app

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Microsoft is entering the ranks of Android phone manufacturers, so it’s time to take a closer look at what’s happening with mobile Office. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Microsoft apps are available in Google Play and Apple App Store, but sometimes they seem bloated and not unified. Microsoft seems to be preparing an answer to these needs – Office Mobile.

This year the company announced the extension of its partnership with Samsung, as a result of which selected applications and services are pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy Note10 phones. However, Samsung does not preload Word, Excel or PowerPoint on its devices. Instead, “Microsoft Office Mobile” is pre-installed. This is a single application that Galaxy smartphone users can download from the Galaxy Store or use the pre-installed version. This application allows users to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. It is currently not available for other Android devices and cannot be downloaded from the Play Store.

Office Mobile

The unified Office Mobile application is reportedly being developed under the Unity code name by the Microsoft team in India. It’s supposed to be much smaller and more handy than the separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps offered in the Play Store. Interestingly, Microsoft Office Mobile might also be available for iOS devices, although it may be difficult for a giant to convince Apple to pre-install it. There is also no doubt that Microsoft will pre-install it on Surface Duo phones with Android, which will hit the market next year. What about Windows?

Already a year ago, Microsoft confirmed that mobile Office applications are no longer developed for Windows. The company’s priority in the mobile segment remains the versions for iOS and Android, and in the Windows segment – Win32 applications and browser versions. Microsoft does not offer any unified Office application for Windows devices, but at the end of last year, it launched a new Office application, which can be treated as a launcher. It replaced the previous application My Office and is used to run individual applications rather than to work directly with documents.

Source: Zdnet

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