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Huawei to show its own mapping service ‘Map Kit’

Huawei to show its own mapping service ‘Map Kit’


Huawei is getting bolder on the market, and it seems that HarmonyOS is just the beginning. The Chinese company is working on a Map Kit – the official answer to Google Maps. The programmer’s set is intended to improve the manufacturer’s independence from American companies such as Google.

Map Kit will offer developers a street navigation system as well as real-time traffic conditions. Additionally, it will support augmented-reality mapping and even lane change recognition features. However, the Kit will not be for direct consumer use, a report citing a Huawei executive claims. It’s to be used by developers when creating applications with location services.

It is not the first time when Google will have to face competition, and previous attempts by Apple or Microsoft have not broken the dominance of Google Maps. Offering just a mapping service is not enough anymore. The app has to bring some new features to the table as well, and Apple maps shortly after its premiere in 2012 clearly showed that it is not so simple.

We will probably see this year whether Huawei Map Kit will be a service that can threaten Google’s position. China Daily reports that the premiere of the new service will take place in October, and initially maps will be available for 150 countries and in 40 different languages. It is already quite an impressive start.

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