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Parental control: Android allows you to specify which applications are affected by the time limit
Parental control: Android - Revick

The parental control in Android “SCREEN TIME“,  allows you to set up a time bonus as a reward, and limited the choice of apps for kids

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Family Link, Google’s parental control service, is present by default on Android 10, the new version of Google’s OS available since early September. In the previous version, the program was only available in the Play Store.

After the release of Android 10, Google also announces that new options were available for parental control. Thus, the possibility of limiting the use of specific applications has been added -reports the Venture Beat site.

A “reward” in minutes

Until then, parents could only define a time limit that the child could spend on the smartphone or tablet. It is now possible to specify which platforms or applications you want to restrict. Games or social networks can thus be limited while leaving unlimited time on educational and harmless sites or apps.

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The other new feature is the introduction of a time bonus. Children will have a “reward,” extra minutes to spend on the tablet or smartphone. “Spending time together as a family is crucial,” says Google’s user experience manager. “We think that with Family Link, we can help parents manage the time spent in front of the screens. »

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