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Xiaomi presents Mijia refrigerators for as low as $140

Xiaomi presents Mijia refrigerators for as low as $140

Mijia refrigerator

Single people living alone usually do not need a large refrigerator. The situation is entirely different in the case of a family with three children. In such a case, the best solution would be a large, preferably four-door fridge that would allow storing the food cravings of all the household members, but there is one problem, they are pretty expensive. Fortunately, Xiaomi just presented Mijia refrigerators at remarkably low prices.

Xiaomi refrigerators inside
Xiaomi refrigerators inside

Mijia refrigerators in four capacities

Xiaomi’s offer already includes refrigerators, but so far, these were products of the Viomi brand. Now the company led by Lei Jun has decided to present its product with the logo of Mijia. In order to reach as many potential buyers as possible, four models were presented:

  • two doors 160L for 999 yuan, $140
  • three doors 210L for 1599 yuan, $228
  • two doors 483L for 1999 juanów, $282
  • four doors 486L for 2999 yuan, $423

We can only dream of such prices in the US. Unfortunately, to buy an equivalent of the largest Mija refrigerator, you need to find an additional several hundred dollars from your home budget, and still, you will get a weaker machine.

Xiaomi fridge connects with the application on the smartphone
The Mijia refrigerator is, of course, smart and integrated with Mi Home. Chinese speakers can communicate with the virtual assistant Xiao AI to find out what the temperature in the fridge is like and to increase the power if necessary.

Mijia refrigerators
Mijia refrigerators

Xiao AI declares that the fridge emits 39 dB of noise during operation. And how about energy efficiency? It depends on the model. By comparison, the smallest model with a capacity of 160L consumes 0.58 kW per day, and the largest four-door model with a capacity of 486 kW per day consumes 1.05 kW per day.

Xiaomi gives a three-year warranty on its product, even though in China, the law requires only one year. Two additional years is a bonus from Xiaomi because they are convinced of the failure-free operation of their equipment.

The sale of Mijia refrigerators will start on October 15th at 10:00 a.m. Chinese time. It is a real pity that the product will be available in only China.

Source: Xiaomi

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