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Fitbit Charge 4: real GPS and more autonomous operation

Fitbit Charge 4: real GPS and more autonomous operation

Amine Sahal
Fitbit charge 4 firmware update 1.96.29

Fitbit unveils its new bracelet, the Charge 4. The device gets autonomy from the smartphone and includes a GPS.

Fitbit today renews its Charge connected wristband, after the launch of its Versa 2 at the end of last year. The American brand, now in the fold of Google, presents a Charge 4 that brings welcome features to the Charge 3.

In terms of design, Fitbit is taking no risks since Charge 4 retains the design of its predecessor. It includes a small OLED touch screen, in color, and is available in many wristband colors. The information displayed on this screen promises to be more extensive than on the Charge 3: it’s now possible to check your sleep score without consulting Fitbit’s mobile app, control playback on Spotify or set alarms and receive notifications from your calendar on your wrist. Like Charge 3, Charge 4 is compatible with Fitbit Pay contactless payment solution.

However, the most exciting thing about this bracelet is its sporting functions. It includes a GPS that was missing in Charge 3. This one pauses automatically when, for example, its wearer stops running. The autonomy of the bracelet is at 5 hours with GPS and 7 days without GPS. This GPS allows you to map your movements and improve the accuracy of your activity reports. Fitbit also promises a more accurate detection of fat burned during exercise, and introduces the measurement of “minutes in the active zone.” The idea is to combine movement and heart rate detection to award credits for moderate to intense activity, in line with WHO recommendations. The more sporty will note the compatibility with twenty types of activities (including seven with GPS) and automatic movement detection. An O2 sensor has also been added to monitor the oxygen level in the blood.

Let’s finish on the Fitbit Charge 4 info with a look at the prices. The Fitbit Charge 4 is the same price as the previous Charge 3. It is available on Amazon for $149.95 or $169.95 if you opt for the special model with the woven wristband.

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