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Galaxy Buds+ – a worthy upgrade?

Galaxy Buds+ – a worthy upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Along with the premiere of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has released a refreshed version of their earbuds – Galaxy Buds+. Surprisingly they are not equipped with ANC as everyone was expecting. The “plus” version is instead focused on perfecting on what was already good. But let’s dive into details!

Differences between Galaxy Buds and Buds+

So the new Buds+ look pretty similar in spec to the standard Buds, there are no significant upgrades or amazing features, but the price is $50 higher. So what’s new, and is it worth upgrading?

Galaxy Buds+

Both the speaker and the mic got a small upgrade. Now we have 2-way dynamic speakers (instead of 1) and three mics per earbud instead of the previous two. Battery life was also greatly increased – Samsung promises 11 hours of playtime, plus one full charge with the charging chase, which in total gives us whopping 22 hours of battery life! A three-minute charge will give us 1 hour of playback, and yes, we get wireless charging too. Additionally, the mobile app for Galaxy Buds+ is also a bit different, and now we can regulate the level of ambient sound. Both the earbuds and the case look almost identical as before. The main change is that now they have a glossy finish instead of the previous matt, and we have more colors to choose from. For all differences, check the detailed spec below.


Galaxy Buds+. Good sound quality and general use

The audio quality was already very good with standard Galaxy Buds, but with Buds+ it’s even a bit better. The bass is surprisingly deep for such a small device, and sound quality is clean. As already mentioned, the new earbuds have two speakers – tweeter for richer treble and a woofer for powerful bass sounds. The sound itself can be additionally regulated by an equalizer, which has 6 degrees of adjustment. There are no sync delays when watching YouTube or Netflix, which sometimes could happen with the previous Buds.  

Galaxy Buds+

The hold in ears is very firm. You can easily go for a jog or some other sports activity without worrying that they will fall out. Galaxy Buds+ have touch control – single tap to play or pause track; double-tap to play the next track or answer/end a call and triple tap to decline a call or user-defined action. The earbuds, of course, work with any phone, not just Samsung, and there is a quick paring feature, which I have to admit, works really well. The Buds+ connect almost instantly after taking them out from the case. It’s such a small thing but makes the use so much more enjoyable.

Galaxy Buds+. What’s bad?

Well, the call quality is not perfect. This was the weakest point of the previous model, and it’s definitely better than it was before but still could be improved (it seems that three mics are still not enough!). Any other drawbacks? Not really, ANC would be a nice addition, but I guess we can live without it.


Summing up, Galaxy Buds+ are really good earbuds. The design, in my opinion, is much smarter and better looking than Apple’s AirPods or Huawei’s earbuds. We get amazing sound quality and battery life, and all of this for $149, which is not that much. Is it worth to buy them? Well, if you already have the standard Galaxy Bud+, I would that that it’s not enough to replace them. But if you are looking to buy your first wireless pair, then I would definitely go with Buds+. You won’t regret it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Modern and sleek design

Very good sound quality

Amazing battery life

Wireless charging


Call quality could be better

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