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Huawei AF15 selfie stick – small and practical

Huawei AF15 selfie stick – small and practical

Huawei AF15
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To be completely honest, I have never owned a selfie stick. Somehow, I was not convinced that this is a type of product that I need, even though there were situations, especially when traveling when it seemed useful. Not to mention, me always having the latest phone, I am not very eager to put my phone to someone’s else’s hands when I need a picture. But I finally bought it. The choice fell on Huawei AF15 selfie stick. So what are my impressions?

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Huawei AF15 Design

The box contains the selfie stick itself in a protective foil and a short manual. The stick, when folded is pretty small. It has a nice handle and a Bluetooth button/remote controller, which is detachable. Huawei AF15 selfie stick weighs around 163g and in full length has  66 cm (25.98″). The stick seems a bit thicker than other selfie sticks I saw, and it has very nice dark silver color which makes it look very premium.

Huawei AF15 Features and Performance

The tightness of the phone mount is a bit strong and may require some effort with larger phones, but it holds the device very solidly. The phone mount turns with a step of 45 degrees relative to the hinge head with a silent click sound. The head itself rotates with a level of 180 degrees relative to the axis of the stick and freely perpendicular to the axis of the stick. 

As mentioned earlier, Huawei AF15 selfie stick has a remote controller to which you can connect via Bluetooth. The controller is not rechargeable but has CR 2025 battery as a power source instead. There is a magnet on it as well which provides better hold to the slot on the stick and actually the controller snaps with ease to the slot. This construction, both with a magnet, makes it very convenient and hard to lose. The effective distance of the remote is around 10 m.

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Huawei AF15 selfie stick can also be used as a simple tripod. You can open the handle into three standing legs. Although the stick is not long enough to put on the ground and make a selfie (unless you will direct the phone upwards) if you find some elevated area like a tree stump or some lower wall it should be just perfect. Of course, the surface needs to be flat, but if it is the tripod it quite stable.


  • Model: AF15
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Effective distance: >10m (open space)
  • Battery type: CR2025 button battery
  • Indicator light: Working status: Green; Low battery: Red
  • Phone clamp range: 56mm – 85mm
  • Max stretched length: 66cm
  • Folded length: 18.6cm
  • Weight: 163g
  • System support: Huawei EMUI 2.3+, Android 4.3+, iOS 5.1 or above

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If you are interested in purchasing Huawei AF15, you can grab it on Gearbest for the lowest price of $21.99 on sale or $28.99 in the regular price.


After playing with it for several days, I got convinced that this is something I would use, especially with the tripod function. The stick has a nice premium look, and the remote controller is easy and comfortable to take out/slide in. The stick itself could be a bit longer, but for most users, the length should be satisfying.

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Solid built quality

Nice premium looks

Easy to use remote controller

Tripod function


Could be a bit longer

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