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Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar with GPS

Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar with GPS

Mishiko Dog Tracker

As it turns out, GPS locators are not only devices for tracking vehicles, unfaithful wives, or grandmothers with advanced dementia. A group of customers, among whom GPS transmitters are enjoying growing popularity are dog owners. Hunters, for example, are particularly interested in determining the exact location of their four-legged helpers. GPS locator can protect the owner from a many-hours search or even losing the dog. For this reason, many hunters can not even imagine hunting without a dog GPS collar. But with prices of the trackers being more affordable, also regular dog owners are getting convinced. After all, if your dog will run away, GPS tracker is the best and most convenient way to locate him.

The GPS collar that we got is from Mishiko. It’s a pretty popular model, and you can find it on Amazon. According to the producer, the collar offers real-time GPS tracking, obesity diagnostic tools, backlight for night use, and it’s also waterproof. What is also important is that you don’t need to buy a subscription to use the tracker.

Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar

Let’s move on to the product itself. On the outside, the Mishiko GPS tracker collar looks very nice and modern. We have a black one, but there is also a white version available. The LED backlight of the device indicates activity and battery status. In the evening, it lights the collar so that you can see your pup in darkness without any issues.

Mishiko Dog Tracker

The application is being improved all the time and has some really exciting features. The precision of GPS location, in places with good coverage, is on a satisfying level. The difference between the actual location of the dog and what was shown in the app was about 3-6 meters. The position of the dog is updated every 15 seconds.

Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar Location and Battery

Location. The GPS location in the app works really well. In the city, you can see the current location of the dog without any issues, and as mentioned, it is updated every 15 seconds. The accuracy of the location is from 3-6 meters. The problems can arise when using in the forest or more rural area. Just like most of the GPS trackers this one as well uses GSM signal. So, for example, when I tried Mishiko collar in a forest, it didn’t work as expected. As soon as I entered the forest, the collar signal disappeared, and I was not able possible to locate my dog.

Geofence (virtual fence) – it is very easy to set up a zone that your dog should not leave. If this happens, the application will send a notification together with a sound signal. This allows you to react on time if the dog is to run away or go somewhere where he shouldn’t. You can also use for this purpose, e.g., a training collar to draw the dog’s attention to the need to return to the designated area.

Battery and a power-saving mode. The application allows you to monitor the battery status of the collar. You can see the battery level in percentage, and by pressing the appropriate icon, you can activate the battery saving mode. When activated, the frequency of updating the position of the dog will decrease, and the LED light will turn off.

Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar Activity and Statistics

Activity Monitor. In the app, you can check your dog’s activity with a system of points. This is especially useful during the weight reduction period. For example, you can try to determine and analyze whether your dog moves more when he comes to work with you or when he stays at home running around in the yard.

Logbook. Every walk can be saved as a Logbook so that you can have a history of walks for future reference. 

Animal profile. In addition to the name, photo gallery, and breed, you can add information about weight and height. From this data, the Mishiko algorithm calculates the recommended activity, which is visible as a target on the homepage.

Statistics. In the application, you can see detailed activity statistics and graphs. This allows you to easily track activities and monitor how much your dog is moving.

Mishiko Dog Tracker

Mishiko Dog Tracker Collar Charging

The power-saving mode was just added in the last update. When I started the testing, this option was not available. On a single charge, the Mishiko collar did work for about 40 hours (normal dog walk, no battery saving mode). During a half-hour walk, without saving mode, the battery level decreased by 5%. The device is charged on a base that we have to put the device on; there is no need to connect cables. You can charge the device without removing the GPS device from the collar. You just need to remember about the correct position of the transmitter. When charging, the level of the battery is indicated by a light that extends until it reaches a full circle. The charging time from the complete discharge is 2 hours.


Mishiko Dog Tracker Colla is a very good product. The device is certainly recommended for users in the city and where the network coverage is very good. For people like hunters and living outside of the city, this probably won’t be the right choice since the coverage is very weak or there is no signal at all.

For the price of around 100 pounds, this is still a good purchase. Of course, we can find cheaper trackers now, but please have in mind, that with Mishiko you also don’t have to pay any subscription fee which is often not true for other brands.

Mishiko Dog Tracker

Nice and modern design

No subscription needed

Coverage and refreshment rate is good in the city

Activity monitor and Geofence function


You can find cheaper options

Coverage is very poor outside the city, where GSM signal is weaker

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