How to adjust Always on Display (AOD) brightness in Samsung?

Always On Display

If you switched from Huawei or a different brand to a Samsung phone, you might have noticed that Always on Display has a very low brightness, and it’s almost invisible when you look at it from an angle. But don’t worry, there is a quick way to adjust it. Check below how to do it.

Adjust Always on Display (AOD)

1. Go to your phone Settings.

Samsung Settings

2. Select Lock screen from the menu.

Samsung Settings

3. Tap on Always On Display.

Samsung Always On Display

4. Scroll down to Auto brightness and disable it. Move the brightness bar to the maximum level.

Samsung Always On Display

That’s all. Now check your Always On Display. You will notice that it is much brighter and finally you can see both time and notifications without any issues.

Source: Samsung

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