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How to take a screenshot on Windows 10?

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10?

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10? In most cases, as an answer to this question, you will hear: press the “PrintScreen” key, open Paint, paste the contents of the clipboard and save it in the desired format. This solution is known for years, and it’s useful, but undoubtedly not the most convenient. Here is a collection of other, often much faster, screenshot methods.

Windows Paint
1. Windows + PrintScreen (+ Alt)

The combination of the “Windows + PrintScreen” keys allows you to capture the entire contents of the screen, just like the “PrintScreen” itself. However, it additionally saves the PNG image in the default image folder: C:\Users\[Username]\Pictures\Screenshots.

If you additionally press “Alt”, only the active application window will be saved, not the entire screen view. The “PrintScreen + Alt” itself copies the image of the application window to the clipboard.

For Windows tablets, you can also try the combination “Windows + Volume down.”

2. Windows + Shift + S

Pressing the combination “Windows + Shift + S” invokes a screenshot panel that is a little bit similar to that of modern macOS releases. An overlay appears on the screen, which allows you to cut a selected portion of the image, or save the whole. The result is copied to the clipboard, but by clicking on the pop-up notification, you can immediately open a simple editor. This allows you either save or share the screen quickly or make some more notes beforehand.

3. Snipping tool

The Snipping Tool, located in the Start menu among the Windows Accessories, should be familiar to you from the ancient times of Windows Vista. It is now slowly being replaced by a Snip and Sketch, an applet mentioned above, invoked by the keyboard shortcut “Windows + Shift + S”. However, for now (August 2019), you can still use the classic one. And it’s pretty simple, just hit the New button, click and drag to draw a box around the section of the screen you want to capture, release the click and done. Now save to the desired location or copy to clipboard.

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