How to turn off Samsung S20 phones and reprogram Bixby button

How to turn off Samsung S20

Unlike in most phones, you cannot, by default, turn off Samsung S20 just by holding down the power button as you would expect. If you didn’t change any settings, holding the power button will get you Bixby screen. This might be a bit annoying in the beginning, but we have for you several ways how to access to Power menu and also how to reprogram the side button to power off your phone instead of bringing up Bixby assistant.

How to turn off Samsung S20 #Method 1

The easiest way to access the Power menu is by holding down the Side and Volume down buttons.

How to turn off Samsung S20

When Power Menu appears, tap the “Power Off” or “Restart” button.

How to turn off Samsung S20 #Method 2

The second quick way to access the Power menu is through the Quick Panel. Swipe down from the top of the screen, and in the top right corner, under the battery and receptions icons, you will see the Power icon. Clicking on the icon will get you the Power menu screen.

How to turn off Samsung Galaxy S20 - Samsung S20 Power Icon

How to reprogram Bixby button to Power off the phone (Galaxy S20)?

Fortunately, Samsung allows us to change the function of the side button, and we can assign it to the function to open the Power menu.

1. Go to Settings, and look for ‘Side key.’

2. When you are in the menu, click on the side key option.

Power off Samsung S20

3. Now, in the Press and hold section, select ‘Power off menu.’

Power off Samsung S20

That’s it. Now you can power off your phone using the side button.

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