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Huawei watch/band stopped working? Here’s how to fix it

Huawei watch/band stopped working? Here’s how to fix it

Huawei App Gallery

Some users of non-Huawei phones such as Samsung, OnePlus, or Google Pixel are reporting trouble with syncing and detecting their Huawei watch/band on their phone. The sync is not working even though they have the Huawei Health app installed, requesting Huawei Mobile Services as well.

Huawei App Gallery

More recent version of Huawei Mobile Services required

After some recent updates, a lot of users are experiencing issues and are unable to synchronize their band or watch on non-Huawei phones. They are asked to download Huawei Heath app, and then also Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Unfortunately, when this is done, they get information saying, “Huawei Health requires a more recent version of Huawei Mobile Services (4.0.0 or later) to work properly”, even though there is no newer version in Google Play Store.

Huawei Health requires a more recent version of Huawei Mobile Service

Install App Gallery and HMS for your Huawei watch/band

1. Is seems that the latest HSM (4.0.0) is available only in the Huawei App Gallery. So to download it, you need to download the gallery app first.

2. Go to this URL – Download Huawei App Gallery

3. Click on the Download button. Please note that you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources on your phone (you should get a prompt to do that when you are trying to download/install).

Huawei watch/band stopped working? - Allow unknown app

4. When the app is installed, look for HMS Core in the App Gallery. You will notice that this is the required 4.0.0 version. Install it. As before you need to allow installation from unknown sources.

5. Now, if you go again to Huawei Heath, it will work without any issues and you should be able to add your Huawei watch/band.

This was not required before, so why suddenly we need the Health app with the latest HMS? One guess might be that Huawei is trying to boost its Gallery App users, to make it more popular. Regardless of the reason, whether you like it or not, now you have it you want your watch/band to work.

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